Multi-Gyn Floraplus (5 pcs)

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Multi-Gyn Floraplus (5 pcs)

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Vaginal prebiotic Multi-Gyn FloraPlus - the optimal treatment for a healthy vaginal flora. A healthy vaginal flora (consisting mainly of lact obazillae) is the best barrier against vaginal infections. When vaginal flora is disturbed, pathogenic germs can grow and lead to infection. The prebiotic vaginal Multi-Gyn FloraPlus will stimulate the lact obacilli in the vaginaz and help them develop their full protective potential. Multi-Gyn FloraPlus combines the already known effects of the Multi-Gyn components with prebiotics. Since every woman has her own vaginal flora, the use of a prebiotic will stimulate this flora and provide optimal protection against pathogens.

What factors can disrupt healthy vaginal flora?

Healthy vaginal flora is delicate and can be easily disrupted. Many factors can disrupt vaginal flora, including: antibiotic therapy, use of a vaginal disinfectant or vaginal care product that is soap-based, with perfume, or with preservatives, semen, the pill, hormones, stress, etc. These attacks alter your flora and it can no longer perform its natural protective function, thus pathogens have free rein. A vaginal prebiotic used at the right time prevents an imbalance of the flora.

How is Multi-Gyn FloraPlus used?

To treat vaginal fungal pr oblems: Use a single application Multi-Gyn FloraPlus in the evening before bedtime for 5 consecutive days.
To prevent vaginal infections: Use a single application Multi-Gyn FloraPlus every 3 days before bedtime.
For relief from vaginal discomfort: Use a single application Multi-Gyn FloraPlus as often as needed. Multi-Gyn ActiGel can also be used in these cases.

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