Dr. Arabin Cube pessary with button 29mm size 1 (1 pc)

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Dr. Arabin Cube pessary with button 29mm size 1 (1 pc)

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Dr. Arabin Buy Cube pessary with button 29mm size 1 (1 pc)

The cube pessary is made of tissue-friendly silicone with a button in which a retaining thread is firmly anchored to facilitate replacement. It can be stored at 0 to 50 °C protected from UV radiation without direct contact with reactive media such as gas, ozone or mineral oil. Since the introduction of the product, continuous efforts have been made to securely fix the holder ( Faden mit Knopf) so that tearing out has become a rare residual risk.


  • Grade 3-4 prolapse
  • Stress incontinence

Area of application/purpose:

The cube pessary can be used to treat various degrees of vaginal prolapse. By inserting a cube pessary into the vagina, the prolapsed organs can be returned to their original position. Thanks to its suction cup effect, the cube pessary holds bessin place better than other pessary forms. The non-perforated shape withstands greater pressure, while the perforated shape is easier to insert and remove. Cube pessaries are also suitable for loosening scars and widening vaginal constrictions. Treatment is also indicated for bladder emptying disorders, discomfort during sexual intercourse and before planned operations. Thanks to the flexibility of the tissue-friendly silicone, the cube pessary can usually be easily inserted and removed by the patient.


The maximum uninterrupted wearing time is 30 days (class 2a). However, it is strongly recommended that the pessary is removed every evening and reinserted in the morning. The patient should be informed by medical Fastaff about use, changing and any concomitant therapy. It helps to use different creams when inserting the pessary, which the doctor should explain to the patient. The product may only be used on a single patient. The surface and size of the pessary must be checked before each insertion. If cracks or discoloration are obobserved, the pessary must be replaced before reinsertion. The button must point towards the uterus and the Fatowards the vaginal opening. The pessary should be cleaned under running water without the use of disinfectant.

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